Thursday, 27 February 2014


Can you call tea drinking a hobby? Because I have a slight "Huge" obsession with it. I swear I drink around 10 cups a day, it's just so delicious. My obsession started when I was in Melbourne and came across a brand called T2. The store was beautiful they had all these little boxes of tea stacked on top of each other and mountains of teapots, tea cup,s and the like. They had every flavour you could think of under the sun from French Earl Grey, to Strawberries and Creme!  It was like a tea lovers wonderland! The experience was delightful and the customer service was great they offered us Iced teas and told us all about the brand. And of course I ended up walking out the door with a bagful of tea.

Recently T2 has opened up in New Zealand which is amazing so I can get my tea fix whenever! Another favourite brand of mine is Harley and Sons. Their Paris tea is to die for! As my collection has grown I now have a slot in my book shelf in my bedroom of my flat that is dedicated to my tea collection and my amazing little teapot, with is pictured above.

My teapot was a recent purchase from T2 just before I left for uni. I love how It is glass so you can see the amazing colours that the teas create. Also seen in the picture above I am brewing a mixture of Chocolate tea, and Creme Brulee which I add in just a dash of milk. It is a lovely sweet tea thats great at relieving those sweet craving without as many calories! The chocolate tea is a black tea mixed with cacao bean pieces and the Creme Brulee is a blend of vanilla hazelnut and caramel flavoured black tea. The perfect paring. And if you need you tea any sweeter a great tip is to just add a dash of honey.

When it comes to my favourite types of teas I defiantly lean towards the fruity and the sweet side of things. I love me some vanilla, and some berries! But I'm also a sucker for a plain old English Breakfast! Sorry to say but I'm not a lover of the spicy flavours, and Im going to break some peoples hearts right now but I hate Chai! There I said it. I have tried so many different brands of Chai but it just really isn't my thing.

PS Who likes my kitten mug!- ( I need to stop collecting mugs to. Thats another slight obsession)

Down below I have listed some of my current favourite teas from the collection and some links so you can purchase them yourself!

• Chocolate
• Creme Brulee
• Melbourne breakfast
• French Earl Grey
• Green Rose
• Gorgeous Geisha


Harley and Sons- 
• Paris
• White Christmas Tea


Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Here is the Makeup that I wore today. This is my usual day time makeup. I don't tend to really wear a huge amount of makeup during the day as Im just going off to University or studying. I tend to wear a little bit more if its a special occasion, or when I have a day where I am experimenting with my makeup. But most of the time I leave the smokey eye for the night.

1. Benefit- The Porefessional
I use this as my primer to help minimize pore size around my nose and chin area. Also I use it to help control oil.

2. Bourjois Paris Healthy mix foundation in Vanilla
This foundation gives a lovely medium coverage and application is so easy. My skin loves it.

3. NARS Creamy Concealer in Custard
This concealer does an amazing job at covering up redness and imperfections. But I wouldnt use it under my eyes as it not quite the right colour and tends to crease a bit.

4. MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter in Peach Lustre
When you first look at this colour (bright orange) you wouldnt think to put it on your face, but what it does is really help get rid of dark circles. I place it on under my usually under eye concealer.

5. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 20
This concealer is perfect for under the eyes, it really helps me to get rid of my dark circle and it doesn't crease!

6. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
I have very oily skin so this stuff is a lifesaver! I use after my foundation and it really helps at controlling shine.

7. NARS Bronzer in Laguna
My all time favourite bronzer and has been for years now. It a cult beauty fav and I can see why. The colour is not to orangy and the texture is amazing. It gives you a nice bronzed glow.

8. Benefit Coralista Blush
A beautiful coral pink shade perfect for the summer months. Im a sucker for the benefit blushes! They smell amazing and apply very well giving you a lovely blush to the cheeks.

9. Stila All over Shimmer Duo in Kitten
Kitten is my favourite shade from Stila I am wearing the eye shadow and creme eyeshadow constantly in that shade and when I invested in this highlight it was no different. You get a light pink shade and also a more bronzed toned shade. I love wearing the both during the day they give such a nice subtle sheen to the skin.

 10. Kevin Aucoin- Brunette
A pencil applicator, great for filling in and sculpting a nicely shaped brow.

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear brow Gel
Great for locking in all those fly away hairs, your brow wont budge all day.

12. Mary-Lou Manizer
A beautiful champagne shimmer highlight. I love using this at night time as a highlight but during the day I tend to go for a more subtle highlight. So today I'm actually using it as an eyeshadow all over the lids.

 13. Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara in 301 Black
This is my favourite mascara and the best mascara I have every tried. I cant recommend trying it anymore. It is so cheap and amazing! It makes your lashes so long and full of volume. Try it out!

14. Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Creme
These lip butter are so creamy and really help heal chapped lips. They also taste delicious. I need to get more flavours!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


The last post in my Edit series for MAC lipsticks has to be my Top 5! And I can tell you it was extremely hard to narrow it down. I had to think what ones could I not live without? Would I replace it immediately if i lost it? How often do I use it? and eventually I got down to my Top 5. If I'm being honest they are all my favourites and there are someones that just missed the cut that I still love and use a lot like Snob, and Flamingo.

But here goes! (In no particular order)

1. Cut A Caper (Lustre)
A mid tone peach pink shade. A amazing coral shade.

2. Sushi Kiss (Satin)
A creamy light orange colour perfect when I'm feeling like wearing something a little brighter on the lip during the day time.

3. Morange (Amplified)
A bright orange perfect for night out. I constantly find myself wearing this in the summer time. This summer I have really being getting in to my oranges I love them and think the complement blonde hair quite nicely.

4. Cremecup (Cremesheen)
My everyday pink lipstick. It is a lovely creamy light pink shade. I wear this all year round.

5. Syrup (Lustre)
A lovely easy  to wear move colour that I find myself wearing most day especially in the Winter.

What shades do you guys love?
Any recommendations?

Mac Website: http://www.maccosmetics.com/

Dana xx

Monday, 24 February 2014


I know its not quite the new year anymore but it seems like it was just yesterday! I cant believe we are nearly in March this year times flying by! I have had my beloved Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet for over two years now and he's still going strong and I'm still on love. Soooo I decided to make another weee investment. I decided to get a handbag that looks very similar to my Wallet. Its the perfect wallet and perfect black bag. Its a match made in heaven. I just cant get enough of this range I could by it all if I could!

A little info about the bag and Wallet.
The Wallet is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Slim Zip Wallet. Made from Cowhide leather.
The Bag is the Classic Q Hellier Hobo. Made from Cowhide Leather.

Links to the Wallet and Bag:



Sunday, 23 February 2014


Got myself some new sunnies they other day :) They are the Ray Ban aviators with the large brown gradient lens and gold frames. Aviators will never go out of style so it was time for me to invest. I was always buying the cheap aviators but really needed a good lens so I went for the original Ray Bans and their amazing! I want them in every colour! They suit every outfit and were defiantly worth the investment.

These aviators are also come in a medium sized lens with many different kinds of lens available from polarized, gradient, reflective, green, blue, yellow, and clear. You can also get different colour frames.

There is a pair for everyone!

Where I bought mine: http://www.sunglasshut.co.nz/index.html#home/none

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Meet my little buddy Charlie. She's my boyfriends Dads little kitten. She is the most adorable playful little kitten in the world. I wish she was mine! Unfortunately Im not sure what type of cat she is but as you can see from the pictures she's pretty cute. I was staying over at my boyfriends place and woke up to her sleeping on belly. As soon as I woke she woke and was in full play mode, she is such an energetic little kitty. These are a few pics I snapped of her when I woke up.


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Everyone needs some pink in their life and I get mine through my lipsticks. I absolutely love the range that MAC has to offer from light pinks, your lip but better pinks, bright pinks, the list goes on. There is a shade to suit everyone.

Name: Creme Cup
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: Creamy pale pink

Name: Snob
Finish: Satin
Colour Description: Soft pink with a hint of purple

Name: St Germain
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Bright barbie pink very vibrant 

Name: Flamingo
Finish: Lustre
Colour Description: Bright creamy pinky coral

Name: Sunny Seoul
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: light pink

Name: Full Speed
Finish: Sheen Supreme
Colour Description: Bright coral pink

Name: Impassioned
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Bright fuchsia with subtle cool undertones

Name: Girl about Town
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Bright blue toned fuchsia


Name: Viva Glam Nikki 2
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Cool toned lavender. Im not one to wear it on its own but when you wear it with other colours you can create some lovely shades.

Name: Up the Amp
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Violet blue toned purple

Name: Syrup
Finish: Lustre
Colour Description: Mauve colour. Very lovely to wear during the day.

Name: Rebel
Finish: Satin
Colour Description: Deep berry. Not to dark or vampy.

Name: Yung Rapunxel
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Deep rich plum. Very vampy.


Corals and Oranges are my current favourite shades at the moment, I cant get enough.  I am constantly wearing them. I cant help myself and just keep purchasing them! Im in love.

Name: Cut a Caper
Finish: Lustre
Colour Description: Pink Coral

Name: Coral Bliss
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: Coral with pink undertones

Name: Costa Chic
Finish: Frost
Colour Description: Frosty Coral

Name: Vegas Volt
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Bright orange coral

Name: Ravishing
Finish: Cremecheen
Colour Description: Orange coral thats not to bright

Name: Sushi Kiss
Finish: Satin
Colour Description: Creamy peachy orange

Name: Saigon Summer
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: Frosted bright orange

Name: Morange
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Vibrant Orange

Name: Lady Danger
Finish: Matte
Colour Description: Bright red/orange


Everyone needs a good red lipstick in their lives. Chuck one on and instantly turn your
day makeup into night makeup. Love it!

Name: Ruby Woo
Finish: Matte
Colour Description: Bright cool toned red

Name: Dubonnet
Finish: Amplified
Colour Description: Brownish ox blood red

Friday, 21 February 2014


Im a lover of a good nude lipstick and from this image you can tell some of my MAC nudes are well loved. I will tell you about the lipstick shown here in the image from left to right. Their name and finish. :) (P.S i do consider some of my light pinks nudes)

Name: Secret Lover
Finish: Lustre
Colour Description: Does not really give off to much colour but leaves you with a lovely beige tint with golden shimmer running through. Great for putting other other lipsticks.

Name: Creme d' Nude
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: A nice pale nude with peach undertones

Name: Myth
Finish: Satin
Colour Description: Peachy beige pale nude. Slight more peachier to Creme d' nude.

Name: Shygirl
Finish: Cremesheen
Colour Description: Coral Beige. One of my favourite everyday lipsticks.

Name: Unknown- (very sorry I bought this one a while back and the label has rubbed off)

Name: Hue
Finish: Glaze
Colour Description: A slightly share light pink toned nude

Name: Angel
Finish: Frost
Colour Description: A soft pink shade perfect for everyday wear- looks great on fair skin


MAC lipsticks I can proudly say are some of my favourite lipsticks out there, and you can tell from the image I have collected a fear few over the last couple of years. Mac has such an amazing collection of colours, and the texture and finishes of their lipsticks are amazing! Over the next couple of days I will be uploading posts on all the colours I own and my top 15! Enjoy xx

Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog. My name is Dana and Im from Auckland New Zealand and Im currently studying down in Dunedin. Beauty is my hobby along with fashion so I decided to create a blog to express the things I love to show others and for myself. Lots of Love Enjoy


Valentines day didn't quite go as planned this year. With me at work till 8pm, a 21st on that night , and a boyfriend who was trying to pack to move across the country in two days it got delayed till the next day. But the night of the 15th couldn't have been nicer we went for a lovely dinner at an Italian pizza restaurant call Archie's in Auckland. The pizza is what i call true Italian pizza and I couldn't recommend the place more!